Secret Sauce - It's Neither a Secret Nor a Sauce

...can you cook?

I am often asked what is the secret recipe for marketing success or creating a 'buzz' for the next big thing...well, there is no secret and there is definitely not just one sauce that can tempt all palettes when it comes to putting a successful marketing plan together.

I have seen a lot of marketing dollars go up in smoke without delivering tangible results. Whether it was due to poor planning, lack of knowledge or an 'I hope it works' strategy, marketing epic fails can be attributed to a bevy of things. One example is when companies use the 'shotgun' marketing approach. This logic utilizes the strategy of randomly shooting and  hoping that at least something will hit the target audience or better yet, that the one silver bullet; that one ad, that one social media post, that one flyer or that one radio commercial, will catapult their product to success. There is neither a plan nor a thought process as to  how to measure the effectiveness of this method or the ROI.  The only measurable results this strategy often delivers is a decrease in your checking account.

I am not a chef, but even I know that you can't take just one single ingredient from a recipe and place it on a plate and call it a finished chocolate cake hoping to tempt people to take a bite. On the other hand, if youfollow the recipe that has been carefully thought out, tested and crafted to deliver a perfect chocolate cake in doing so, then the odds of tempting folks to savor the results of your efforts are increased significantly. What if the folks you are trying to tempt to take a bite of your delicious cake don't eat cake, what if they are diabetic, vegan or hate chocolate? It's important to know your audience before choosing the perfect recipe and investing in the I have you thinking.

No sauce, no secret, no silver bullet or random pellets hopping to hit a success comes from the creation and implementation of a well thought out marketing strategy that takes in consideration; your target audience (which has to be identified before you can even start the process), message, overall strategic goals, budget, timeline and marketing reporting methods that can track, measure and analyze the results.   Keep in mind, that even with a strategic plan there may not be just one recipe that will appeal to all palettes. It may take multiple layers, whether it is a combination of traditional print, social media, digital etc., to tempt your target audience to take a bite.

Secret Recipe

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